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Reasons you need to rent an automatic scooter in Bali

Reasons you need to rent an automatic scooter in Bali

Want to have a different experience while on vacation to Bali? Renting a motorbike needs to be included in the list of things you need to do while on this island. Then, why should you rent a motorbike? Find answers about several reasons you need to rent an automatic scooter in Bali below.

Rent an automatic scooter

Practical and free from traffic jam

By renting an automatic scooter in Bali, you don’t need to shift gears like on a non-automatic motorbike. Using a scooter is also easier than using a non-automatic, as long as you can ride a bicycle.

In addition to being practical to operate, using a motorbike will also make you reach your destination faster when there is a traffic jam on the streets in the city center, such as Denpasar.

Has a large luggage space

In contrast to non-automatic motorbikes, almost all types of automatic motorbikes that are commonly found in Indonesia on average have a large luggage.

Some models are even enough to accommodate a helmet. One thing is for sure, you can bring a raincoat and mineral water in your luggage.

Yes, Bali is a tropical area, if the rainy season arrives it can rain anytime. So, renting an automatic scooter in Bali should be a consideration.

Can carry a bag or suitcase at the same time

Automatic motors have broad legs. This space can be used to put your bag or suitcase. Of course, if your bags and suitcases can still be tolerated to be carried by two-wheeled vehicles.

Easy to find

This is an equally important reason why you should rent a motorbike in Bali. Yes, there are many Bali motorbike rental places. You can find it easily for automatic scooter in Bali

Jl. Kubu Anyar Pasar Senggol Anyar No.22, Kuta, Kec. Kuta, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 80361

Gotravela Indonesia is one of that provides this service. You don’t need a hassle-free procedure to rent it, just press the Whatsapp button which can easily be found in the Contact Us menu on this site, you can order right away, as easy as asking your friends for help.

automatic scooter in Bali
Freedom to explore Bali 

Even though it is the last one, the reason for renting an automatic scooter in Bali is the most important one. If you are planning to go to Bali for the first time, maybe you will find a lot of information on the internet about various interesting things on this island.

Yes, about the natural scenery, about the culture, about the cuisine, how friendly the locals are to foreign guests and things related to ‘tourism’.

Easily reached

However, there may be a bit that was forgotten. Yep, this is about how the terrain of Bali’s streets is. As one of the main tourist destinations in Indonesia that is known to the world, Bali is indeed very unique.

Nature is indeed cool, there are vast expanses of rice fields, towering green mountains or white to pink sandy beaches that are so wonderful.

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Unfortunately, not all areas can be easily reached by car. It is precisely the places that are hidden and difficult to reach by cars that have extraordinary charm. Practically, renting an automatic scooter in Bali is the best solution for exploring hidden paradise. (y)

Automatic scooter in Bali – Reasons you need to rent!


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