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Now, electric motorbikes in Bali

electric motorbikes in Bali

you know why, electric motorbikes in Bali not recommended yet?

It is impossible to get around Bali in once vacation, which is only a few days or even weeks. So, not amazing if many people always want to back to the island which is famous for the Kecak Dance. Of course, they want to come back to visit a piece of paradise from Bali that has never been seen in previous visits.

Scooter rental in Bali can be a solution so you can explore various places more optimally. However, there is an important thing that you’ve to attention if you want to rent an automatic scooter in Bali. Yes, for the current time, electric motorbikes in Bali not recommended yet.

Read later for Reasons you need to rent an automatic scooter in Bali!

Electric motorbikes not recommended yet

.Why? Here are a number of reasons.

Bali’s diverse topography

The first reason electric motorbikes in Bali are not recommended for traveling right now is related to the topography. Yep .. having an area of more than 5,000 km2, Bali is a unique island with a diverse topography. An area with mountains stretching from west to east.

However, in the center of the island there are also large lakes, such as Bedugul Lake, Batur Lake, Buyan Lake, also Tamblingan Lake. Besides having a highland, Bali also has a large coastal area.

The coastal area has even become favourite tourist destination. It can be seen by the many famous beaches of Bali, such as, Kuta Beach, Legian Beach, Diamond Beach, Seminyak Beach, Pandawa Beach, and many more.

small engine power capacity

Because of the different topography, we need a vehicle that is strong and powerful. In a high area, winding and steep, unfortunately difficult to reach by using an electric motorbikes in bali.

This is due to the limited capacity of the electric motor. In contrast to motors that use petroleum power, electric motors have a smaller engine capacity. As a result, the speed is also low, only around 60-80km/hour at the fastest.

Unfortunately, this type of motor is also not strong enough to face terrain with roads that are not yet smooth. In fact, there are many hidden paradises in Bali that do not yet have perfect infrastructure. This is an important reason electric motorbikes in Bali not recommended yet for traveling.

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Auto scooter is the best solution

The question then is ‘what should I do to get around Bali?’ Well, the best solution is to rent an automatic scooter. As the name suggests, automatic scooters are practical to operate.

Without the need to shift gears, you can immediately pull the gas motor easily. In contrast to electric motors that lack power, automatic scooters that are widely available in Indonesia are quite powerful.

Therefore, you can rent it to get around Bali. Gotravela Indonesia also serves scooter rental in Bali and you can order it at any time.

Motorcycle rental agency in Kuta
Motorcycle rental agency in Kuta

Finally, we hope that this article about electric motorbikes in Bali useful for you. At least, now you have a clearer explanation of how you should explore Bali.

Of course, you can always contact Gotravela Indonesia at any time to order all your tourist accommodation needs, including scooter rental in Bali (y)


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