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Explore interesting Places in Bali with Scooter


Everyone knows—at least they’ve heard of Bali. Some of you may have gone to this Paradise Island. Others may be dreaming and planning to visit an island that is so rich in natural and cultural diversity. Well, for those of you who are planning a picnic or want to come back, we will take you  to explore interesting places in Bali with an automatic scooter.


An interesting place in Bali that you can explore with an automatic scooter is Denpasar. There is Ngurah Rai Airport which is the entrance for domestic and international flights on an island where the majority of the population is Hindu. Around the airport there are many interesting tourist attractions such as Sanur Beach, Kumbasari Art Market, Mangrove Boardwalk Denpasar, Kertalangu Cultural Village, Bajra Sandhi Renon and many more.


Then, there is Kuta which is an interesting place in Bali to explore on an automatic scooter. You can try various interesting tourist destinations. Such as the legendary Pandawa Beach with a typical ‘Pandawa’ statue and towering cliffs on the side of the beach. There is also a statue of Satria Gatotkaca which is unique and artistic. In addition, you can also come to the Beachwalk Shopping Center and the Bali Sea Turtle Society (BSTS). 


 Located in the middle of the island of Bali, Ubud is a paradise for art lovers and tropical green nature lovers. Here, you can visit Gajah Cave which is very beautified with so detailed carvings. Lovers of natural nuances will be pampered with views of green rice fields from the Tegalalang Rice Terrace. As the name suggests, this place offers a landscape of green rice fields with terraced terrace-typical of Bali. For those of us who like animals, you can go on a scooter and visit Monkey Forest Ubud. Of course, there you will find monkeys living in a beautiful protected forest. Then, those of you who like art knick-knacks, you can go to the Ubud Art Market.  


One more, interesting place in Bali to explore with an automatic scooter is Seminyak. The most famous place here is Seminyak Beach. This beach offers the beauty of wide and flat beach with soft sand. You can go with scooter to Double Six Beach too. This beach is one of the best surfing spots in Bali, because it has strong currents in the middle of the sea and big waves. Other interesting places here is eat street—originally named Kayu Aya Street. Along this road, you can find hundreds of places to eat, drink, relax, massage as well as souvenir centers. There is also a place to get a tattoo.

 Yes, those are some interesting places in Bali that can be explored with an automatic scooter. Of course, there are actually many other places or spots that you can also explore. However, at least, if you come to Bali, don’t miss a number of famous places above. And the good news, if you want to get a different experience exploring Bali, you can rent a scooter at Gotravela Indonesia. We are always ready whenever you order it. We are waiting for your arrival in Bali.(y)

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