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Green Canyon Indonesia


Indonesia is known for its beautiful nature, wherever you go across the country, you will find a variety of spectacular attractions and one of them is Green canyon indonesia.

If you visit west of java of Indonesia, make sure do not to be missed to visit this place undiscovered west java canyon. 

Location nearby with Pangandaran beach – Ciamis regency of Java Indonesia. Undiscovered Green Canyon, which was traditionally called Cukang Taneuh, offers a line of natural attractions that have amazed millions of local and international tourists every year.

The Undiscovered Green Canyon is situated along the Cijulang River with the main spot located at Kertayasa Village and Batukaras Village.

Talking about Batukaras, Batukaras Beach has been long recognized as a favorite destination for water surfing.

Green canyon indonesia berada di sebuah desa yang bernama kertayasa. kecamatan cijulang ciamis jawa barat. Dari kota ciamis di butuhkan 130 km lagi untuk menuju lokasi green canyon ini. Tapi lokasi in jauh lebih dekat jika dari pangandaran jarak tempuh hanya 31 km. Green canyon berada dalam kawasan objek wisata batukaras lapangan terbang Nusawiru. Starting point/awal point untuk menikmati keindahan Green Canyon ini di awali dari sungai cijulang.


Green Canyon Indonesia

Undiscovered Canyon
has its own uniqueness. From the boat trip itself with the traditional “ketinting” from the dock for 30 minutes we will be happy to pass the river with green water tosca (if not raining). On the way we see life on the riverbanks. Occasionally seen lizard and some other reptiles. and also the local residents are lured reply or fishing.

The beauty of undiscovered green canyon begins from the first time you get into the entrance gate. The River Cijulang splits two faces of cliffs, providing gorgeous panorama.

If you are familiar with the Green Canyon indonesia of Colorado, the United States, you will probably agree that the physical structures of the two Green Canyons are identical.

The similarity is perhaps the reason behind the name. The Undiscovered Green Canyon indonesia becomes more attractive because of the existence of some other interesting spots.

When and How to Visit

If you decide to vacation in the Green Canyon indonesia, you should be prepared to travel quite tiring, but fun and full of adventure, because it can be 8 hours driving from Jakarta.

For those who take personal or rental car, there should be someone who can take turns driving. It is advisable to take motion sickness medicine, for those who have problems in the long journey. Green Canyon Indonesia open from 10:00 until 16:00 o’clock, the boat costs Rp 70.000,-.

Prepare also clothes and towels if you want to swim. Believe it or not there are restrictions for not saying dirty words and mention ‘crocodile’ while he was in Green Canyon.

Naturally when giving tips to the crew of the boat, because they have to wait long, when you are swimming upstream.

Green Canyon Indonesia is named as such since the river water looks Tosca green, particularly during the dry months. These are the ideal time to visit Pangandaran.

You can take package trip that includes Pangandaran Beach, Batu Hiu Beach, and Batukaras Beach in addition to Green Canyon itself.

Make sure you bring enough clothing when you plan to enjoy the water activities. In addition, the visitors are suggested to bring enough cash, since it may be difficult to find an Automatic Teller Machine there.

You can stay at the hotels around Pangandaran. Alternatively, you may choose to stay at home stay or star hotels at Batukaras Beach. Finally, if you still have a question in mind, the Green Canyon Indonesia officers are ready to help you.


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