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Lombok Gili

Overshadowed by its superstar neighbor across the Lombok Strait there's a steady hum about Lombok that catches the ear of travelers looking for something different from Bali. Blessed with exquisite white-sand beaches, epic surf, a lush forested interior, and hiking trails through tobacco and rice fields, Lombok is fully loaded with equitorial allure. Wow, and you'll probably notice mighty Gunung Rinjani, Indonesia's second-highest volcano, its summit complete with hot springs and a dazzling crater lake. and there's much more...

Picture three miniscule desert islands, fringed by white-sand beaches and coconut palms, sitting in a turquoise sea: the Gilis are a vision of paradise. These islets have exploded in popularity, and are booming like nowhere else in Indonesia – speedboats zip visitors direct from Bali and hip new hotels are massing.

It's not hard to understand the Gilis' unique appeal, for a serenity endures (no motorbikes or dogs!) and a palm-shaded languor.

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Pantai tanjung aan

Pantai Tanjung Aan Lombok | Pantai Kisah Putri Mandalika Nyale

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Golden Queen fastboat senggigi

Golden Queen Fastboat Senggigi | Promo dan Schedule Bali Gili

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Patagonia fast boat

Patagonia Fast Boat Xpress | Tickets Online Promo Boat ke Gili

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Pantai senggigi lombok

Info lengkap Pantai Senggigi | Wisata Pantai Eksotis Lombok

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Harga Snorkeling Gili Nanggu

Harga Snorkeling Gili Nanggu & Informasi 3 Gili Di Lombok Barat

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Informasi Lengkap Gili Trawangan

Informasi Lengkap Gili Trawangan Lombok | Pesona Wisata Gili 2019

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Tour 2 Hari di Lombok

Tour 2 Hari di Lombok | Paket Wisata Lagi Viral di Lombok

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Tiket Objek Wisata Lombok

Tiket Objek Wisata Lombok | Tempat & Harga Tiket Tour di Lombok

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Sewa Bus Pariwisata Lombok

Sewa Bus Pariwisata Lombok | Trans Charter Bus Pariwisata NTB

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Snorkeling Gili di Lombok

Lokasi Spot Snorkeling Gili di Lombok | 9 Gili Popular Google map 2018

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Paket Snorkeling di lombok

Paket Snorkeling di Lombok | Harga Promo Tour 3 Gili 2019

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Paket Tour Lombok Harian

Paket Tour Lombok Harian | Wisata Sasak, City Lombok 2019

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