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Pink beach komodo island

Hi dear reader let me show you the pink beach on the east part of the world, call it, The pink beach komodo. sure you’ve never heard of this beach!? yes, if am i right..

The beach is not very popular, not even all the ship-owners and local tour agent is  know about this beautiful beach!
Not only that.. guys, located of the beach on The islands of Komodo (Labuan Bajo) does not necessarily make the villagers dragons know exactly where the location of this beach.

We could say pantai namo is one of the the Secret Beach at Komodo.




Pink beach labuan beach

pink beach komodoNamo beach is one of the red sandy beaches in the islands of Komodo dragons.
But the name is not popular like The pink beach komodo mostly known by local or overseas traveler.

Yes agree, Pink Beach komodo its so popular with pink sand but the fact if you could compare a both beach, really I guarantee the sand in Namo beach more pink and natural.

Namo beach is very beautiful and classic,  untouched by the hands of ignorant travelers or unspoiled.

pink beach coral


Even due natural, if you are lucky you will see some deer frolic on the beach but unfortunately in a particular season will be visible dirt garbage carried by the current wave that leads to the beach.

Namo Beach

The pink color on a sand of Nomo beach obtained from rubble pink dead and many once found on this beach.


Namo Beach


Just like the other beaches are at Komodo’s Islands, Namo Beach also has Awesome underwater that can be exploring. Snorkeling on the beach and you’ll see a collection of small fish that was playing on the reef and coral.

If you have the opportunity to visit Namo Beach, you will feel the sensation beauty of this beach especially when sunset. With the Namo Beach, it can be said only in Komodo Islands who have pink beach at once with the two different beaches location, So I think that you will not regret to visit and enjoy the beauty of nature of the pink beach komodo! let’s go to the Namo beach.

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