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Rent Harley Bali

rent harley bali

Rent Harley Bali or renting a motorcycle Harley Bali on a vacation in Bali sounds very interesting. You will never know what experience will be felt on this huge-capacity motorbike.

What’s more, Bali is a paradise for beauty that cannot be defined. By renting a motorcycle Harley Bali, you can feel all the exciting moments in Bali.

Requirements for Bali Harley Rental

There are always many reasons for you to ride a Harley. No one will refuse, especially when on vacation in Bali. But unfortunately, renting a Harley, which incidentally is a luxury vehicle, is not as easy as renting other types of motorbikes.

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You should pay attention to the following things if you decide to rent a motorcycle Harley in Bali.

1. Driving License

As usual, you must have a driver’s license to be able to ride a motorbike in Bali. Driver’s license is a rule that must be obeyed by both local and foreign tourists. For visitors from outside Indonesia, must have a valid international driver’s license and SIM C for Indonesian citizens.

2. Driving Test

Before signing the rental agreement, you may be asked to do a short test drive. The rental company at least wants to see your ability to drive a big motorbike. This is important to maintain the safety of the big motorbike.

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3. Guarantee

You can use one of between your passport or identity card. Use as collateral to get your Harley. The rental company will keep your documents safe.

4. Giving a Deposit

Some rental companies may charge a deposit depending on the type of Harley you choose. This is because the Harley is a kind of luxury vehicle. So, a deposit is needed to be able to drive it.

5. Always Be careful

Riding a Harley on the streets really make a feel like the king of the road. But it must be remembered that the highway belongs to everyone. You must always be vigilant and careful in driving any vehicle.

These requirements to rent a Harley in Bali seemed not easy. If they don’t loose your intention, then the right place to get it is at Gotravela. There are many advantages that you can get here, especially for those of you who are really big motorbike lovers.

What advantages can you get at Gotravela?

Gotravela is one of the many motorbike rental companies in Bali. In this place, you can get all kinds of motorbikes, from automatic to big motorbikes like Harley. Gotravela provides services that are easy, comfortable, and safe for you to drive on the streets.

In addition to easy requirements, Gotravela provides services such as:

1. Shuttle to Location

Tell them where you are staying, and they will deliver and even pick up the rented motorbike after you are satisfied with it. This service is available for those of you who make reservations in advance.

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2. Free Driving Equipment

Riding a motorbike on the highway means you have to comply with the applicable regulations. Gotravela provides helmets, raincoats, and other equipment that you might need. Make sure you always obey the rules on the Bali highway.

Book now to get your dream Harley! You just need to come and have nothing else to do except have fun. Let Gotravela prepare the rental Harley Bali for you! Enjoy it!


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