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Rent Scooter Bali Canggu

rent motorbike canggu

Rent scooter Bali Canggu can be yout best option. By using this vehicle, you can go to one place to another easily. You can rent find rental scooter Canggu in Gotravela Indonesia.

rental scooter canggu

What’s the best answer for how to explore Bali on a cheap vacation? Of course, rent a scooter for daily activities. Besides saving money, rent scooter Bali canggu will prevent you from terribe traffic jam and make it easier to travel during the holidays in canggu.

Renting a scooter is not as easy as you might think. Many things must be prepared beforehand. Please notice some of these things so that your vacation in Bali becomes easier and more memorable.

For the price, you can read scooter rental kuta bali price or in Bahasa is harga rental motor di kuta bali.

All You Need for Renting Scooter in Bali

To rent a motorbike, do you need a driving license or can be substituted to another document? What conditions must be required? These questions might arise when you decide to rent a motorbike. Well, this is for you to note.

1. A Driver License

Exploring Bali and all destination at a time with renting a scooter sounds really exciting. However, you need a country or international driver’s license. to be able to get around Bali with the rented motorbike. It is possible that you will be stopped by the local police whose in duty to examine the license.

This driving license is needed while you are driving. However, for the requirement to rent a motorbike, you must show an identity card such as a passport. Make sure you read the terms and conditions before signing the motorbike rental agreement.

2. Must Wear Helmet When Driving

Do not endanger yourself by unwearing a helmet while driving. Using a helmet while riding a motorbike is mandatory and should not be violated. Traffic in Bali is quite hectic and accidents can happen at any time.

3. Check the Motorbike before Rent it

A good rental scooter company generally always pays attention to the condition of their motorbike. They will always control and maintain their vehicles regularly. Lights, brakes, indicators, oil and all parts must be checked before you decide to rent it.

Also, you have to adjust the type of motorbike that will be rented with the one you can really ride. If you are just learning to ride a motorbike, don’t rent a sports type like the Kawasaki Z900RS. You can use a scooter type or Honda Vario 125cc Honda engine. It is easier to use.

4. Choose the Right Rental Scooter Company

Choosing a rental company must consider many things. What advantages are obtained, whether there is an accident or motorbike insurance, what equipment is obtained are some of the things that must be considered.

Here, Gotravela provides attractive offers related to rental scooter Bali Canggu. We provide motorbike that are well maintained and with super complete equipment. Each of our vehicles is equipped with motorbike insurance, an accident first aid kit, a phone holder, two helmets included and a raincoat.

How much does it cost to rent scooter Bali Canggu? You don’t need to worry about spending a lot of money while renting our motorbike or scooter. Our rental fees are quite cheap, economical and certainly very competitive. We guarantee, you will save a lot of expenses during this vacation.

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