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Scooter Rent Sanur Bali

scooter rent sanur

Scooter rent Sanur Bali can be your choice to explore Bali. You will be easier go to one to another place by rental scooter sanur Bali.

Sanur Beach is one of the beaches with the lovely views in Bali. The beauty of this beach makes everyone is amazed to see it. One of the greatest ways to experience its beauty is to go around on a bike. And to get to that place, you may need a scooter rent in Sanur Bali!

What Vacation Activities is with Scooter Rent in Sanur?

Being one of the most favorite beaches visited by tourists, Sanur is truly beautiful. The wide, blue sea and shallow waves are a family’s dream place for swimming or even snorkeling. There are many tourist activities that you can do on this beach, namely:

1. Swimming

Sanur beach has white sand that is clean and soft. The waves by the sea are quite calm with shallow waters. This is what makes Sanur beach a safe swimming place for children. Scooter rent sanur bali.

2. Relaxing

Sitting on the beach while looking at the blue sea and sky is one of the best ways to heal here. With fresh air and a fairly quiet atmosphere, sunbathing in the morning will be your best vacation moment.

Just wondering, how much does it typically cost to rent a scooter in Sanur Bali? ?️

electric scooter rental bali
type of unitrent price
Yamaha FreeGo 2023
Beat Honda 110
Day: Rp 70.000
Week: Rp 450K
Month: Rp 1200K
New Honda Genio
Day: Rp 70.000
Week: Rp 450K
Month: Rp 1000K
New Honda Vario 125
New Honda Vario
Day: Rp 70.000
Week: Rp 450K
Month: Rp 1200K
Honda New Scoopy
New Scoopy 110cc
Day: Rp 70.000
Week: Rp 450K
Month: Rp 1275K
Yamaha NMAX 155cc
Day: Rp 150.000
Week: Rp 850K
Month: Rp 2.500K
Day: Rp 150.000
Week: Rp 950K
Month: Rp 3.000K
3. Snorkeling

For those of you who like to snorkel, Sanur beach has beautiful reefs that are still well preserved. You can rent snorkeling equipment provided by traders around the beach.

4. Sunset Ride

You can rent a two-wheeled bicycle and paddle along the Sanur beach while enjoying the fresh afternoon breeze. Because Sanur beach is located in the eastern part of the island of Bali, the sunrise here is much more beautiful than the sunset. However, the evening air is also very comfortable if you like relaxing cycling while enjoying it.

5. Canoeing

You can also enjoy the beauty of Sanur by rowing a canoe. Because the waves are quite calm, you shouldn’t expect to feel an adrenaline rush. Simply paddle calmly while enjoying its natural beauty.

How is to Get to Sanur Beach?

Located in the village of Sanur Denpasar, this beach is quite easy to reach. There are many ways to reach it either by public transportation or private vehicles. Travel by motorbike can be reached in about 20 to 30 minutes if you depart from Kuta.

The distance between Kuta and Sanur is about 18 km. It is recommended to use a motorbike because you will be able to enjoy many interesting things along the way. Scooter rent sanur bali.

In addition, traveling by scooter will provide a special experience. Especially, you are free from traffic jams. The trip is faster because you can cut the road or find the shortest way.

In line whit this, Gotravela offers motorbike rental services to make it easier and to make your trip more memorable. Here, there are various types of motorbikes that you can choose according to the motorbike that is most mastered.

The rental price is very competitive and affordable. You can rent it as needed. Available 12 hour rental service, daily, weekly to monthly. There is also providing a delivery pickup service . Just mention your hotel or inn, the motorbike will be delivered to your place.

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Gotravela is committed to providing the best service. To be the most reliable scooter rental company in Sanur Bali. Plan a holiday in Bali, remember Gotravela!


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