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Singaraja Chinese Temple

Ling Gwan Kiong Chinese Temple

Singaraja Chinese Temple in Bali Island

Bali does not only offer natural beauty, but also cultural charm. Various artistic attractions, such as dances—for example, the Kecak dance have often been heard.

However, did you know that the Island of the Gods – Pulau Bali also has various historical and cultural heritage buildings from the past? Yes.

One of them is the Singaraja Chinese Temple. This place offers you the feel of Ancient China, not in its native land, but in Bali. Don’t move, Gotravela will take you for a moment to reminisce on ancient times!

Ling Gwan Kiong Chinese Temple

Known as the Singaraja Chinese Temple, this place has the real name Ling Gwan Kiong. Even so, people prefer to call it a Klenteng. This is the designation for Chinese Buddhist temples.

As can be heard from its name, which contains Chinese, this place is undeniably a Chinese heritage in Bali. Yes, according to history this building was made in 1873.

An inscription, to be exact, above the Toa Kong Co Statue, mentions it was built in the 12th year of the Ching Dynasty.

This provides strong evidence of the existence of a close relationship between China and the kingdoms in Bali at that time. Now, this building still functions well as a place of worship and also as a tourist destination.

Ling Gwan Kiong

Full of typical Chinese ornaments

The unique architecture of the building is the main attraction of the Singaraja Chinese Temple. Being in this place, you will feel you are in China.

From the front, you will be greeted with a mini and inexpensive Chinese garden. Gold and red colors seem to dominate. In this historical building complex, you can also find an ornate bridge over the Lotus pond.

Then, in the main temple building, there is a wooden gate decorated with hand-painted gods. This reminds us of old Mandarin films.

Ocean View

Interestingly, you will not only be satisfied with the beauty of the building and historical stories. However, you will also be satisfied with the natural beauty around the Singaraja Chinese Temple.

It faces the sea, so that anyone who visits can see the beach at once. Then, around the temple building there are also old buildings with Dutch architectural styles. For those of you who like ancient photography, this is a very interesting object.

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Location Singaraja Chinese Temple

Then, as the name suggests, this beautiful place is on Erlangga Street Number 65, Singaraja, Buleleng Regency. This is the northern part of the island of Bali.

To reach this place it takes about 2,5 km hour from Denpasar City. However, if you travel to Lovina Beach, it only takes about 15 minutes by motorbike or car.

Even so, Gotravela advises you to go places by motorbike. The reason is, you will be more free to see the sights along the way than by car. The good news is, Gotravela also provides rent scooter in Bali, so you don’t need to be confused about looking for one.

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Thus, our review of the Chinese Temple Singaraja. You will find more unique things than just our stories. Therefore, don’t hesitate to include this place in your list of next vacation spots in Bali. Happy preparing for the holiday, we are waiting for you on the Island of the Gods.

Singaraja Ling Gwan Kiong Chinese Temple


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