5 Traditional Indonesian Medicine Herbal

Traditional Indonesian Medicine Herbal

Traditional Indonesian Herbal

Traditional Indonesian Medicine Herbal

“Herbal medicine’s been around for thousands of years!” Indeed it has, and then we tested it all, and the stuff that worked became ‘medicine’.”

— Dara O Briain

Some drink products of traditional Indonesian medicine herbal have been well-known for their merits. Previously, the products and recipes were only used by local people.

But now, even foreigners are interested in them and get health benefits. Indeed, some ingredients can just be found locally in Bali Island or Java Indonesia only. However, in this digital era, it should not be a big deal.

Herbal products

You can just buy them from the country in case you want to practice the recipes by yourself. Moreover, packaged traditional herbal products are also currently available in stores. So, what are the most popular and nutritious herbals from Indonesia? Here they are.

Beras Kencur

Beras Kencur literally means rice and galangal. Yes, it has been a trademark for a medicine herbal that consists of those two ingredients. In the process, there is not only rice and galangal to add.

Beras Kencur Galangal

Most importantly, home other ground spices are also added to improve the merit including brown sugar to make it sweet and fresh. Traditional Indonesian medicine herbal

The herbal helps you to solve some health problems like to reduce cholesterol level, heal inflammation, improve the body’s immune system, and more.

Kunyit Asam

Kunyit Asam means turmeric and tamarind. This herbal is indeed mainly from those ingredients added by other spices. The taste is sour but also sweet from the brown sugar.

turmeric and tamarind

People consume for the anti-inflammation and antioxidant characteristics it has. Moreover, it is considered very effective to relieve pre-menstrual syndrome, hypertension, and constipation. Additionally, people also rely on this herbal drink for weight loss.

Traditional Indonesian medicine herbal.

Mengkudu Laos

In this paragraph, you will learn about Mengkudu Laos. Mengkudu Laos also refers to two main ingredients used in the herbal with Latin names Morinda citrifolia and Alpinia galangal.

Therefore, those ingredients are widely found in Indonesia and some other places in Asia. Different from the two drinks mentioned above that tend to be sweet, this one is bitter with a relatively bad smell.

However, it has so many merits for your health. The combination can help you to relieve stomach problems like diarrhea or bloating.

Mengkudu Laos

If you are always suffering from pre-menstrual syndrome every month, Mengkudu Laos can be a good solution as well. If you just cannot be into the bitter taste, adding some sugar blocks is a good idea for traditional Indonesian medicine herbal.


Temulawak is also known as the Javanese ginger. Therefore, it is one of the original ground spices from the country. The spice has many benefits for health; relieving headache, nausea, influenza symptoms, and more traditional Indonesian medicine herbal.

Javanese ginger

It also simply improves appetite particularly for children. For the recipe, you only need to provide some pieces of Temulawak and grind it. Boil ground Temulawak with brown sugar. Then, consume it.

Cabe Jawa

The last herbal drink originally from Indonesia is Cabe Jawa or Cabe Puyang. To make it, first, grind or chop some pieces of chilies and then dry them.

Cabe Jawa Traditional Indonesian Medicine Herbal

Second, boil with water and add honey or brown sugar along with some spices like galangal and temulawak.

Finally, you can consume it. It helps you to reduce fatigue and pain in body areas. Besides, based on research, you can also use it to increase erythrocyte production as well as prevent anemia using this traditional Indonesian medicine herbal.

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Traditional Indonesian Medicine Herbal

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