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Unique Facts about riding a motorbike in Bali


Let’s see unique facts about riding a motorbike in Bali

In Bali, you will be able to see beautiful scenery as well as various traditional ceremonies, religious ceremonies ngaben as well as cultural attractions that are hard to forget.

On the island where in the western of Lombok, you will be able to find a variety of unique things that people usually do. Such as unique facts about riding a motorbike in Bali. Wow… What are the facts? Let’s see here!

Unique Facts about Riding

You can buy retail gasoline at the shop

In almost all countries, there must be a refueling center. In Indonesia, this place is called as SPBU (Stasiun Pengisian Bahan Bakar Umum) or Public Fuel Filling Station. This place is easily found in various places in Indonesia, including in Bali.

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However, generally in Indonesia and in Bali, you will also easily refuel at small roadside shops both in urban and rural areas.

One of the unique facts about riding a motorbike in Bali might surprise you. However, this will make you easier when your motorcycle’s gas is running low, and you forgot to fill it up at the previous refueling post. Yes, especially when you are traveling to tourist areas that are far from refueling centers.

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Driving without rearview mirrors

In Indonesia, it is not difficult to find a motorcycle owner who deliberately removes the rearview mirrors. They usually remove the original mirrors from the factory and replace them with accessories that are considered stylish.

Worse yet, young people usually try to remove the mirrors, so that later the motorbike will be ‘bald’. Yeah, but that’s usually the motorbikes for the countryside or the outskirts, not the ones that cross the main streets of the city.

Surely, this violation will be dealt with by the police on the street, right?! Of course, this is just knowledge about the unique facts of riding a motorbike in Bali and in Indonesia generally.

Must be noted, that is not to be imitated! Don’t remove the mirrors from your rental motorbike.  We really care about you. Riding a motorcycle without mirrors is dangerous because you won’t know the traffic conditions behind you.

Double passengers

A motorcycle is a vehicle designed generally for two people, one driver and one passenger. However, among the unique facts about riding a motorbike in Bali, might this fact most make you shake your head.

Especially if you come from a country where not many people use motorbike as transportation. Yes, you can easily see people are riding in 3 (1 rider, 2 passengers).

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Usually, the passengers are young children, so they can fit in the motorcycle seat. However, sometimes there are passengers who are quite large children, so they seem strange to see.

Well, those are the unique facts about riding a motorbike in Bali that you need to know. How, you are curious about this? Lift your backpack immediately, and we are waiting for you in Bali. Don’t forget to explore Bali optimally by renting a scooter at Gotravela Indonesia.(y)


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